2022/2023 ONPARA Membership

Benefits of Membership

  • Information on ONPARA-sanctioned programs, leagues, tournaments, clinics, seminars, and events.
  • The ability to participate in ONPARA-sanctioned events (local/regional, provincial, and national levels).
  • The ability to be selected to an ONPARA provincial team.
  • The ability to rent a sport wheelchair through the ONPARA Wheelchair Loans Program.
  • Liability insurance coverage when participating in ONPARA-sanctioned clubs/programs and events.
  • Voting privileges at the ONPARA Annual General Meeting.
  • The opportunity to participate in special events, giveaways, contests, etc.
  • Compliance with provincial Rowan’s Law concussion safety requirements.

Annual membership is only $25 and runs from October 1 – September 30. 

Registration Options:
ONPARA members can choose to complete their membership registration either online or in person/by mail. If you would prefer to submit a hard copy of the membership form, please download the 2022-2023 ONPARA Membership Form

Payment Options:
ONPARA members can choose to pay their membership fee online (via credit card or PayPal) or in person by cash or cheque. When registering online, simply select your desired payment method upon check out – either ‘Cheque Payment’ or ‘PayPal’ (PayPal will also process credit cards).

Cheques can be made out to the Ontario Para Network and mailed to:

Ontario Para Network
PO Box 26047, RPO Broadway
Toronto, ON, M4P 0A8

Image of a football player holding a football with the Rowan's Law logo and the words Hit. Stop. Sit. in bold

Rowan’s Law Concussion Awareness Resources & Sport Organization Requirements:

Ontario is a national leader in concussion management and prevention. Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), 2018 makes it mandatoryas of July 1, 2019, for sport organizations to:

  1. Ensure that athletes under 26 years of age, parents of athletes under 18, coaches, team trainers, and officials confirm every year that they have reviewed Ontario’s Concussion Awareness Resources
  2. Establish a Concussion Code of Conduct that sets out rules of behaviour to support concussion prevention
  3. Ensure that athletes under 26 years of age, parents of athletes under 18, coaches, and team trainers have read and agree to the Concussion Code of Conduct

Please ensure that you have reviewed the Ministry-approved Concussion Awareness Resources and have read and agreed to the Athlete Concussion Code of Conduct and/or Coaches/Team Trainers/Officials Concussion Code of Conduct prior to becoming an ONPARA member.

While Rowan’s Law only applies to athletes under the age of 26, we highly encourage all athletes to educate themselves on concussion safety, regardless of age.

Post-Concussion ‘Return to Sport’
ONPARA follows Parachute Canada’s Return to Sport Guidelines.

More Information
For more information regarding Rowan’s Law and the Government of Ontario’s concussion safety plan, please visit https://www.ontario.ca/page/rowans-law-concussion-safety

Questions about membership can be directed to:

Doug Hannum
Executive Director
Email: doug@onpara.ca 
Phone: (416) 707-5947

2022/2023 ONPARA Membership


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ONPARA recognizes the privacy rights of all our members. We will only ask for information about gender from our staff and members when it is critical to the services or programs, in a manner that is inclusive, and for which there are no consequences for abstaining.

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Membership Fee * 

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Membership Agreement * 

Upon acceptance as a member of the Ontario Para Network (“ONPARA”), the applicant agrees to the rules and procedures of ONPARA as approved through rules, by-laws, policies and regulations. By-laws and policies are available for review on ONPARA’s website www.onpara.ca. It is understood and agreed that ONPARA and/or any of its officials, affiliates or sponsors do not assume responsibility for any injury, damage, or loss resulting from any accident from known or unknown conditions howsoever caused.

For updated ‘Return to Sport’ guidelines and other resources, please visit https://onpara.ca/covid-19-information-and-resources/

I acknowledge that I have read and will adhere to ONPARA’s most up-to-date ‘Return to Sport’ guidelines.

Rowan’s Law – Concussion Awareness * 

Rowan’s Law makes it mandatory, as of July 1, 2019, for sport organizations to ensure that athletes under 26 years of age, parents of athletes under 18, coaches, team trainers and officials confirm every year that they have reviewed Ontario’s Concussion Awareness Resources, as well as establish a Concussion Code of Conduct that sets out rules of behaviour to support concussion prevention. Documents are available on the Membership page at www.onpara.ca
For athletes under the age of 18, Rowan’s Law requires 2 confirmations – one from the athlete and one from the parent/guardian.

1. I confirm that I have reviewed the Concussion Awareness Resources (online)
2. I confirm that I have read and agree to the relevant Concussion Code of Conduct