Corporate Events


The ONPARA Wheelchair Basketball Corporate Experiential Program is a unique and engaging opportunity designed to provide corporate teams with a profound and insightful experience in the world of wheelchair basketball. This program offers participants a chance to step into the shoes of para-athletes, fostering a deeper understanding of inclusivity and teamwork.

Participants will embark on an experiential journey that begins with an informative presentation on the significance of inclusive sports and physical activity for all. They will have the opportunity to meet and interact with local para-athletes who will share their inspiring stories and experiences.

The highlight of the program is the hands-on wheelchair basketball experience, where participants will be guided by experienced coaches to learn the fundamentals of the sport. They’ll not only get to watch but actively participate in wheelchair basketball games, gaining a firsthand perspective of the challenges and rewards of para-sports.

This unique corporate program is not only a team-building exercise but also an opportunity for corporate teams to gain insights into inclusivity, diversity, and the importance of adaptability and teamwork. It encourages collaboration, boosts morale, and fosters a deeper appreciation for the abilities of individuals with disabilities.

Ultimately, the ONPARA Wheelchair Basketball Corporate Experiential Program provides a transformative experience that equips corporate teams with valuable life lessons and a stronger sense of unity and camaraderie, all while supporting the growth and inclusivity of parasports.


  • Gym space with basketball nets. We will bring sports wheelchairs and basketballs.
  • We request that you provide 3 people to assist us with unloading and loading equipment.


  • Full day $800 (up to 6 hours). This includes equipment drop off and pick up.
  • Up to 20 sports wheelchairs
  • 1 Ambassador
  • Mileage: additional 62 cents a km