ONPARA Ambassadors

Claire Buchanan has competed at the provincial and international level for both wheelchair basketball and para hockey. She attended the University of Alabama where she won 2 National Championships with their women’s wheelchair basketball program. Claire retired from wheelchair basketball in 2018 and is currently competing in their 10th season on the Canadian Women’s Para Hockey team. Outside of competing and training, Claire is an advocate for para sports, a public speaker, and a co-host on The Neutral Zone Podcast.

Claire’s journey in adaptive sports is a testament to her resilience and dedication. Hailing from a background marked by provincial and international competitions, she has left an indelible mark in both wheelchair basketball and para hockey.

Her collegiate years at the University of Alabama were nothing short of remarkable, as she contributed significantly to the women’s wheelchair basketball program. Winning not just one, but two National Championships underscores her exceptional talent and leadership on the court.

In 2018, Claire made the decision to retire from wheelchair basketball, but her passion for competitive sports didn’t wane. Transitioning seamlessly, she embarked on a new chapter in para hockey, where she’s been a cornerstone player for the Canadian Women’s Para Hockey team for an impressive ten seasons and counting. Her tenure in the sport speaks volumes about her skill, perseverance, and commitment to excellence.

Beyond her athletic achievements, Claire is a vocal advocate for para sports, tirelessly working to raise awareness and promote inclusivity within the sporting community. Her role as a public speaker amplifies her advocacy efforts, allowing her to inspire and empower others with her story of triumph over adversity.

Moreover, Claire’s involvement as a co-host on The Neutral Zone Podcast provides a platform to delve deeper into the world of adaptive sports, fostering meaningful discussions and shedding light on the experiences of athletes like herself.

Claire Buchanan’s journey exemplifies the power of determination, resilience, and passion in overcoming obstacles and achieving success both on and off the field. Her contributions to para sports and her dedication to advocacy continue to leave a lasting impact, inspiring countless individuals to pursue their dreams without limitations.

Elliott Williamson is a dedicated and passionate individual whose life is a testament to resilience, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence. As an occasional teacher, Elliott imparts not just academic knowledge but also lessons in determination and the importance of embracing one’s unique journey. Beyond the classroom, Elliott’s true passion comes to life on the basketball court—not just any court, but the challenging and competitive arena of wheelchair basketball.

For over a decade, Elliott has been an integral part of the wheelchair basketball community, playing for prominent teams such as Toronto and Ontario, and even representing Junior Team Canada. This journey through the ranks of wheelchair basketball has not only honed Elliott’s skills on the court but also highlighted his spirit and dedication to the sport. Despite the absence of Paralympic or regional medals in his trophy cabinet, Elliott’s contributions to his teams have been invaluable. His strong team player spirit, coupled with a relentless desire to improve and grow, underscores his role as a pivotal member of every team he has been part of.

Elliott’s journey and achievements have not gone unnoticed. His story and dedication to wheelchair basketball have been showcased in documentaries, capturing the essence of his commitment to the sport and the challenges he has overcome. Further elevating his profile, Elliott was featured in a Canadian Tire advertisement, bringing wider public attention to his achievements and the sport of wheelchair basketball. These appearances have not only celebrated Elliott’s personal achievements but also served to inspire others facing similar challenges, demonstrating the power of sports as a unifying and empowering tool.

What sets Elliott apart is not just his skill and dedication to wheelchair basketball but also his approach to life. As an occasional teacher and Ontario Parasport ambassador, he brings his experiences from the court into the classroom, teaching lessons of perseverance, teamwork, and the importance of continually striving for personal improvement. His ability to connect his passion for sports with his professional life showcases his multifaceted character and his commitment to making a positive impact on those around him.

Elliott’s story is a compelling narrative of overcoming obstacles, dedication to sport, and the continuous journey of personal and professional growth. It’s a story that resonates not just within the wheelchair basketball community but also with anyone who values the importance of resilience, teamwork, and the pursuit of passion. As Elliott continues to contribute to his teams and share his journey, he remains a beacon of inspiration, a testament to the strength of the human spirit, and a reminder of the profound impact sports can have in uniting and uplifting individuals from all walks of life.