Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are responsible for the development of the organization’s strategic plan, development and oversight of the organization’s policies & procedures, budget development and oversight, and revenue generation.

Depending on the activities of the organization, Board members may from time to time lead activities or sit on or Chair committees to support the work of the organization.

ONPARA Board of Directors are required to be a member of ONPARA.

The term of office for the Directors shall typically be 2 years.  Terms are staggered ensuring not all positions expire at the same time. Board members may only serve 3 terms in the same position. The Board of Directors are expected to attend 4 to 6 Board meetings per year in addition to the Annual General Meeting.

New Board members will be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the organization (November).

BOARD of DIRECTORS – Ontario Para Network

President: Angie Lynch

Director at Large: Roderick Cumming

Director at Large: Guillaume Blais

Director at Large: Greg Wamsley

Director at Large: Jeff Harris

Treasurer: Ralph Ades

Medical Officer: Emilie Newell

Sport Director, Athletics: Dianne Christophe

Sport Director, Basketball: Melanie Hawtin

Sport Director, Rugby: Erika Schmutz

Sport Director, Tennis: Jacob Ribble

Past President: Diane Elliot

Athlete Representative: vacant