ONPARA Schools Program

The ONPARA Community Development Programs are designed to introduce and promote inclusive sport, and encourage youth of all ages and abilities to be physically active. For more information about any of the programs below, please contact us at schoolprograms@onpara.ca.

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ONPARA Schools Program

ONPARA offers Parasport / Wheelchair Basketball Outreach programming to schools in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga, Halton, York, and Durham Region. The comprehensive program is designed to provide all participants (students and adults) with an enhanced appreciation of parasport.

In-School Wheelchair Basketball Program

Available to eligible schools and communities

  • October to mid-December
  • March to end of May

The ONPARA Wheelchair Basketball School Program provides students with the chance to gain insights into inclusion, diversity, and the significance of leading an active lifestyle that’s accessible to everyone. With over 200 presentations since 2017, we’ve educated more than 118,000 students about the empowering and accessible world of wheelchair basketball.  Our Rental Week initiative has also created change as 76 schools have thus far participated ensuring students experience this one-of-a-kind sport.

The comprehensive, experiential learning program is designed to provide both students and faculty with an enhanced appreciation of parasport. As noted below, duration is customizable though overall focus is given to ensuring students acquire insights into the overarching significance of physical activity for individuals of all abilities. Additionally, participants have the privilege of engaging with local para-athletes and immersing themselves in a tactile experience by interacting with parasport equipment and actively participating in wheelchair basketball. Furthermore, the program offers educators an invaluable opportunity to deepen their understanding of how they can effectively tailor and adapt their own curricula to cater to the specific needs of students with disabilities.


THIS OPTION IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. We hope to bring it back October 2024.

Program Outline

ONPARA will facilitate sport-specific programming (Wheelchair Basketball) for the whole class. Each group will arrive, and they will receive a quick introduction and discussion of the inclusive nature of para sport followed by an experiential learning opportunity in the sport. Students will participate as a group with the goal of offering the experience to as many students as possible throughout the day.


  • Gym space with basketball nets. We will bring sports wheelchairs and basketballs.
  • The school must provide 3 students or teachers to assist with unloading and loading equipment.
  • School must have a teacher/facilitator onsite during the programming to address any behavioral issues.
  • Priority will be given to schools that have a population of students with a disability participating in the program.
  • Priority will be given to schools with a large population of newcomers participating in the program.


  • One Facilitator
  • Supplies: Up to 20 sport wheelchairs and basketballs
  • Session duration: 5 @ 60 minutes each or 4 @ 75 minutes each
  • Cost: $500
  • Mileage: additional 62 cents a km


Program Outline

Over the course of a 60-minute assembly-style presentation, staff and students will learn the rules and regulations of the sport of wheelchair basketball from an ONPARA facilitator and athlete ambassador. This can take place in a school theatre or gymnasium. Students will get a chance to witness the ambassador’s athleticism as they demonstrate ball handling, passing, and their skills in a sports wheelchair. The presentation then transitions into a question period that allows students to ask the athlete about wheelchair basketball, their disability, and their everyday life.



Program Outline

Educational institutions can utilize their schoolboard vehicles to pick up/ drop off chairs from our Storage Locker located at Eglinton and Victoria Park in Toronto. ONPARA will provide you with a school resource guide and some online training tools.


  • $25.00 a day, per chair (8:00 am – 5:00 pm)
  • $500 refundable deposit required