About Wheelchair Tennis

Wheelchair tennis is one of the fastest growing adaptive sports in the world. Just like its able-bodied counterpart, wheelchair tennis requires power, speed, finesse, precision, and strategy. Additionally, it can be played with and against stand-up players, making it a fun and inclusive activity for the whole family!

Who Can Play?

Wheelchair tennis is open to athletes of all ages and genders. Anyone can play recreationally, but only those with permanent mobility-related lower limb impairments can compete at an ITF level. There is a ‘quad’ division for athletes who also have impairments that affect the upper limbs.

Wheelchair Tennis Equipment

Aside from the sport wheelchair, no specialized tennis equipment is required to play wheelchair tennis (a standard racquet and tennis ball are used). A sport wheelchair gives players greater mobility, balance and speed than an every day chair. These chairs can be built for a customized (fixed) fit or may be ordered with adjustable parts. ONPARA offers a wheelchair loans program where athletes new to wheelchair tennis can rent a sport wheelchair for a low monthly fee.


Wheelchair tennis is played on a standard court and follows the same rules as the stand-up game, except that players are allowed a second bounce before hitting a return.

There are opportunities to participate in wheelchair tennis at all levels from recreational to high-performance, including:

  • Recreational Clubs & Programs
  • Ontario Wheelchair Tennis Provincial League
  • ITF Tournaments
  • National Championships


Claire Buchanan