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Junior Provincial Program

2019 Canada Games team

Project Description

The Ontario Junior Provincial Wheelchair Basketball Program, known as Team Ontario, stands as a distinguished platform that offers exceptional high-performance training and competitive opportunities tailored for the Junior-age wheelchair basketball athletes in the province. A cornerstone of athletic development and sporting excellence, the program serves as a catalyst for honing skills and fostering growth among its participants. Tax receipts are issued for all donations $20.00 and over.

The proceeds from this fundraising will be used for the following cause(s):

This funding will be used to assist with offsetting the costs associated with: training, competition expenses, facility rentals, coaching resources, tournament registrations, as well as travel and accommodations for significant competitions.

How this project will assist in promoting or developing amateur sport on a national level:

Financial support through the NSTF ensures that our Junior team can continue to thrive and excel, enabling athletes to focus on their training and competitions without constraints, thus upholding the standards of excellence and sporting achievement for which Team Ontario is renowned.

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Junior Partnership Proposal 2024

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Tammy Lyle-Gravlev
High Performance Coordinator, Wheelchair Basketball