About Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair Rugby playersThe sport of wheelchair rugby originated in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1976. There are now domestic or international programs in 36 countries. Wheelchair rugby is one of the most unique wheelchair sports because it is only played by athletes with four limb impairments. Provincial and National Championships are held each year and International Tournaments in Canada and the U.S. are growing in number.

Wheelchair Rugby Equipment

The game is played on a regulation sized basketball court using a regulation sized volleyball.


Each team consists of 4 players who carry or pass the ball until they score by crossing the opposition’s goal line. The game combines many of the strategies and skills employed in basketball, rugby and hockey.

Wheelchair Rugby Classification

There is a classification system in place to ensure athletes of all abilities can play. A point value is applied in wheelchair rugby that ensures that balance is maintained in the make-up of each team. To identify the key functional abilities, the athletes are grouped within a point system ranging from 0.5 points, the most limited functional ability, up to 3.5 points, the highest level of functional ability. A maximum of 8 points (for four players) is allowed on the court during the game. Wheelchair rugby players show different levels of movement, strength and control in arms, trunk and legs.

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