Wheelchair Basketball Presentation Form

Wheelchair Basketball School Presentation Booking Form
NOTE: We will be in the Peel/Halton regions from September to December and will visit all other districts from January to June.
Do you have any students at your school that have a physical disability (i.e., multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, use a wheelchair or a walker, amputee, etc.)? *
Is your school wheelchair accessible?*

Please indicate at least 3 potential dates that work best for your school to schedule a presentation on.

Elementary and Middle schools can only choose Tuesday or Wednesdays Secondary schools can choose Monday, Tuesday, or Friday
A Wheelchair Basketball Presentation will cost $400. How would you like to pay?*
The cheque could be picked up by our team on your presentation date. The cheque should be made out to the ‘Ontario Para Network’. If need be, you could mail out the payment to us at: Ontario Para Network 100 Sunrise Avenue – Suite 101 Toronto, Ontario M4A 1B3