Research Study: Mental Toughness and Injury Rehabilitation Behaviours in Elite Youth Sport

Researchers at Brock University’s Centre for Healthy Youth Development through Sport (CHYD) are seeking research study participants for a project entitled Mental Toughness and Injury Rehabilitation Behaviors in Elite Youth Sport in Canada.

Study Overview, Significance and Expected Outcomes

Mental toughness is a recognized and valued construct in sporting communities, yet the current level of understanding of mental toughness in sport is incomplete. There is a significant knowledge gap particularly in the context of elite youth sport. This study will provide evidence about the role between elite youth athletes’ mental toughness and their rehabilitation behaviours, of which our results will begin to address and inform this knowledge gap, by communicating with important audiences who may benefit most from this knowledge (e.g., PSOs, athletes, parents, coaches, and medical staff in elite youth sport).

Who can participate?

Injured athletes who require physiotherapy treatment, between the ages of 15-18, that have either tried out or been selected by their provincial representative team are eligible to participate! You will be compensated for your time with a $20 e-gift card of your choice from either Esso Gas, Lululemon Clothing or Starbucks Coffee.

If you become injured, and are interested in participating in this study, please contact Mishka Blacker at