Research Study: An Investigation of Current Administrators’ Experiences in Powerchair Sport

Are you a powerchair sport champion?  Do you have experience starting and/or supporting powerchair sport in your community?

Researchers from Queen’s University and McGill University, along with the Canadian Disability Participation Project, are currently recruiting research participants for:

  • Online surveys with current powerchair athletes (pre-COVID) to better understand factors contributing to quality powerchair sport experiences.
  • Online surveys with individuals who are eligible, but do not participate in powerchair sport (pre-COVID) to understanding how we can improve opportunities.
  • Interviews with sport administrators/leaders who currently (pre-COVID) run powerchair sport programs.
  • ​Online surveys with current powerchair sport administrators/leaders (pre-COVID) to understand strategies for overcoming barriers and facilitating quality powerchair sport experiences.
  • Online surveys with administrators/leaders at healthy living, recreation, and/or sport organizations to understand barriers to providing quality powerchair sport programming.

The purpose of the study is to learn about how to design and deliver high-quality powerchair sport initiatives and as such, better understand how to improve and initiate the development of  powerchair sport.

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