Research Studies (Various) – Canadian Paralympic Committee

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The Canadian Paralympic Committee and the Canadian Disability Participation Project are seeking participants for a variety of research projects. Help make parasport better through research by filling out the following form:

Research Projects:

Please let us know which projects you are interested in supporting. The support we are seeking takes between 15 and 90 minutes. Some projects may have a small token of thanks such as a gift card

Women and Girls in Parasport
If you are a woman or girl over age 16 who identifies as being disabled/having a disability, we would like to interview you about your views on how women in sport are portrayed in the media.

Para Coaching
If you are a coach working in Para sport or a para athlete, we would like to interview you or invite you to a focus group to hear about your experiences.

Paralympian Search
If you are a Para athlete who has participated in a CPC Paralympian Search event sometime in the past five (5) years, we would like to ask you to complete a short survey about your experiences.

Transfer National and NextGen Athletes
If you are a current or retired Paralympic sport athlete who was carded at the National Team or Next Gen level, and are interested in sharing your views on transferring/transitioning between sport and/or being a dual-sport athlete, we’d like to hear from you to complete a short survey.