ONPARA To Host Women’s Wheelchair Basketball National Championship

Tuesday, September 26, 2023.

Toronto, Ontario – The Ontario Para Network (ONPARA) is thrilled to announce it’s been awarded the honour of hosting the 2025 Canadian Wheelchair Basketball League (CWBL) Women’s National Championship, in partnership with Sport Durham.

This highly anticipated event will take place at the Durham College / Ontario Tech University Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre, located in Oshawa, Ontario, in May 2025.

The CWBL Women’s National Championship is one of the most prominent wheelchair basketball competitions in Canada, showcasing the remarkable talent, determination, and athleticism of female athletes who excel in this exhilarating sport. The championship serves as a platform to celebrate inclusivity, diversity, and the power of sports to unite people from all backgrounds.

ONPARA and Sport Durham are committed to making this championship a memorable and inclusive event that will not only showcase the incredible skills of the athletes but also promote accessibility, awareness, and enthusiasm for the sport of wheelchair basketball and sport opportunities for people of all abilities, and the spirit of competition. This milestone event is expected to draw top wheelchair basketball talent from across the nation, and we look forward to welcoming players, coaches, officials, and fans from far and wide.

“Hosting the 2025 CWBL Women’s National Championship is a tremendous honour for ONPARA,” said Doug Hannum, Executive Director of ONPARA. “We’re excited to work closely with Sport Durham and other partners, sponsors, and the local community to create an unforgettable championship experience. This event is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of these remarkable athletes and inspire others to get involved in wheelchair basketball and para-sports.”

“Durham Region is proud to partner with ONPARA to host the 2025 CWBL Women’s National Championship, and continues to grow inclusive sport opportunities and participation,” said John Henry, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Region of Durham. “I’m confident that our community will join us in making this a memorable event for all—as partners, volunteers and enthusiastic fans.”

ONPARA and Sport Durham will collaborate with local organizations, businesses, and volunteers to ensure the success of the 2025 CWBL Women’s National Championship. The event will feature high-intensity wheelchair basketball games and also engage the community through inclusive and legacy initiatives.

Stay tuned for updates on the championship, including ticket information, volunteer and sponsorship opportunities. Join us in Durham Region, Ontario in May 2025, as we witness the nation’s top wheelchair basketball athletes compete for glory.

For media inquiries and more information, please contact:

Tammy Lyle-Gravlev – High Performance Wheelchair Basketball Coordinator

Email: tammy@onpara.ca

Phone: 416-839-4336

About ONPARA: The Ontario Para Network (ONPARA) is a leading organization dedicated to promoting and developing wheelchair sports in Ontario. ONPARA strives to provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in sports and lead active, healthy lives. For more information about ONPARA, visit www.onpara.ca.

About Sport Durham: Sport Durham is the Region of Durham’s sport tourism program. As connectors and collaborators, it builds partnerships to host successful sport events and grow sport. Sport Durham’s award-winning edge is the care taken to create memorable participant experiences and lasting legacies. One of its core values is inclusion. Sport Durham believes participation in sport should be accessible to everyone and is an ally and partner in growing diversity in sport opportunities and participation