Embracing Giving Tuesday-Message from Doug Hannum

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Doug Hannum

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Support Para Sport & Make a Difference

TORONTO, ON, November 28th, 2023– Dear ONPARA Community and Para Sport Enthusiasts,

Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated to charitable contributions and I want to emphasize not only the importance of donations but also the remarkable work carried out by organizations like ours.

Within ONPARA, we are a tight-knit community of athletes, clubs, coaches, officials, parents, and volunteers. Each group plays a crucial role, and as we gear up for Giving Tuesday, I’d like to shine a spotlight on the invaluable contributions of our clubs.

Comprising over 30 clubs, our network serves as the grassroots foundation of para sports. These clubs actively recruit and train athletes, coaches, and officials, offering a supportive environment for participants to excel, build friendships, and experience a sense of belonging—a platform for personal growth and empowerment. To facilitate this, funding is essential, and your support, along with that of your community, can make a significant impact on Giving Tuesday.

For a list of clubs and programs where you can make your donation, please click the following links:

Wheelchair Basketball 
Wheelchair Tennis
Wheelchair Rugby
Partnering Sports such as Sitting Volleyball, ParaGolf, Ontario Cycling and more.

In terms of financial support, Scotiabank stands out as a significant corporate partner in the para sport space. Their ongoing support has allowed us to reach over 700 athletes, coaches, volunteers, and participants. Their commitment to the power of sport within the community and their specific support for para sport deserves my heartfelt thanks and appreciation this Giving Tuesday. I hope other Canadian corporations will follow their lead and discover ways to support para sport in the future.

Let’s harness the power of generosity this Giving Tuesday and make a real impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities. Join us in bringing about positive change by donating to any of our partner organizations and spreading the love for para sport. Remember, every little bit counts!

Best Regards,

Doug Hannum